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*Dr Randhir Sood*

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*Yesterday morning was very fortunate for of the Palampur Sood Sabh as Padma Shri Dr. Ranbir Sood sent a message , expressing his desire to contribute something towards the Sabha.
Prior to this also , Padma Shri Dr. Randhir Sood ji had messaged requesting to share the Sabha’s account number so that he could make a contribution, but I couldn’t gather the courage to share the account number with him.

But today, when he messaged again, I couldn’t refuse, I shared the account number and he immediately transferred ₹25,000 without any delay.
He wrote that he was sending a small contribution of ₹25,000 from his side to the Sabha.
I was astonished and felt greatly honoured that such a prominent figure not only recognized us but also bestowed his blessing upon us. We are grateful for his immense generosity.

Dr. Sahab, your affection, blessings, and guidance mean a lot to us. You are not only a respected member of our Sabha but also a priceless gem for us. You are like the Kohinoor diamond for the entire Sood community /Biradari. We feel proud of you for being part of the Sood Sabha family, your personality and your work ethics. And we can proudly say that Sood’s are the best in all sapphires of life.

We will always be grateful for your affection, presence and support, and we hope that your guidance will continue to enlighten us in the future too. Your name is a source of inspiration for all of us. With your blessings, we shall pursue for the betterment of biradari.

On behalf of all members, a heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your support, blessings, affection, and guidance. May God grant you good health and a long life so that you continue to serve humanity in this manner and continue to shine the name of the Sood community. All members of the Sood Sabha Palampur are sincerely thankful to you. We wish that God’s grace always shines upon you and your family. This is the heartfelt wish from all of us.”*

President sood sabha Palampur




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