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Palampur:HPSEBL :*Low voltage and frequent powercut in Dhraman / Sungal/ Bhadhiarkhar area has made residents life a hell*

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*Low voltage and frequent powercut in Dhraman / Sungal/ Bhadhiarkhar area has made residents’ life a hell*

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The residents Dhraman and Sungal/ Bhadhiarkhar area are facing problems of very low voltage especially in the morning, frequent un announced power cuts and erratic supply. Low voltage can damage electrical instruments thus causing economic hardships.

Winter has yet to set in but the electricity has already been playing truant in the villages like Kandbari Dhraman,Sungal , Bhadhiarkhar and other adjoining villages not included in the Palampur Municipal Corporation. Unscheduled power cuts are very common. Adding to the misery are low voltage when you can not use any electrical instruments.
If this is the situation now then one shudders to think what will happen during peak winter months when life becomes a bit cozy because of power . There was news sometime in the past that a 33 KVA sub station is being set up at Banoru to take care of the issue but there is no sign of the station which was supposed to be ready by December,2023. It’s hightime that the concerned officials and decision makers make quick moves to take action on the ground.
Such announcements should not remain on paper. The worst sufferers are school going children and office goers.

Sudden voltage drops of voltage in these area can harm sensitive electronics, leading to data loss, corruption, or irreversible damage to devices like computers or servers

The HPSEBL must understand that addressing low voltage issues promptly through professional assessment and necessary interventions helps mitigate these problems and ensures a more stable and reliable power supply for users.

People of these villages  said that they have approached the concerned department authorities many times ,but no action has been taken  .Only assurances are been given that the problem will be solved very soon .They demanded that Mr Ashish Butail should take this matter seriously and direct the concerned authorities/department to resolve the problem immediately before people are put in any trouble or instigated to go in for an agitation.


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