*Civil Hospital Palampur* viral video

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*Civil Hospital Palampur* viral video

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Recently, a video went viral showing a patient at Palampur Hospital claiming that doctors were not attending to him properly, security staff were misbehaving with him, and his pleas were being ignored. At first glance, it seemed like the patient was genuinely distressed and in pain, and that the doctors, nurses, and other staff were not treating him with dignity and providing proper medical care. However, upon further investigation, it was revealed that the patient was addicted to Tramadol injections and had been frequently visiting the hospital’s emergency department, demanding the injection. It’s important to note that this injection cannot be administered without medical advice and is only used in emergency cases. Unfortunately, some individuals misuse such medications for recreational purposes. The hospital staff had been trying to handle the situation with care, but the patient’s aggressive behavior and demands had made it challenging.”

SMO Said, that this is a case of drug addiction he is a regular visitor in odd hours. he drives wagon R vehicle
He is an addict to Tramadol.
Already case pending in SDM court Palampur.
Regular visitor to casualty, in odd hours 90% of the time.He only comes for injection tramadol.and inj avil.
He comes with a walker having ortho disability but driving wagon R in full speed and I don’t know how he is holding a normal driving license. If he differently abled he should be driving a modified vehicle, but he’s driving car without any modification.


Dr chakraborty SMO said that he is addicted to Injection Tramadol

Dr chakraborty also said that” If anyone has any questions about this patient he
Can contact me for details. He is coming to casualty for last one and half years.”

Dr chakraborty informed that “anyone who wants to meet SDM Madam Palampur he can give my reference as I have already appeared twice in SDM court Palampur for this patient. He needs rehabilitation.”


“Recent inquiry by Tricity Times have revealed that a patient who has been frequenting the hospital, claiming to be in need of urgent medical attention, is actually a  addict to tramadol . This individual has been visiting the hospital at odd hours, harassing the staff, security, and doctors. It is important to note that the emergency department is meant for genuine emergencies , and regular patients have separate timings. While doctors understand the patient’s concerns, we must also acknowledge the difficulties faced by the doctors, staff, and other visitors who are affected by such disruptive behavior.”



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  1. This person is not creating problem in civil hospital Palampur but in other hospitals like Gopalpur, nagrota bagwan ,Tanda, Dharamshala etc.Even police of concerned area knew about his nuesence.Even SP kangra knew about him and have done enquiries of his complaint.He is very smart/cunning and knows well how to use the government system…
    Mr.Kathwal ex eye optimist ch palampur

  2. Sood sir! You investigated the truth of the video circulated about Civil Hospital Palampur and brought out the whole truth about the doctor, staff or guard working there or present on emergency duty at that time. Otherwise, people would have thought that the doctor, staff or guard are the culprits. This is not only for this hospital but also anywhere in the country or state, while performing their duty in the medical field with honesty and dedication, what kind of circumstances have to be faced due to such people. You made us aware of this and clarified the situation because such things are often heard from many places. Sir, I will not write anything about Tramadol but along with this, many such medicines are banned and this has happened because of such people and now if it is needed only after the doctor’s diagnosis, then only the doctor can prescribe it, it is not that someone forces the doctor to prescribe such medicines and it was also clearly told by the SMO that this person has been doing this for the last one and a half years and the administration also has information about it, so what action was taken on this, my request through you to the government and I would like to request the administration that strict action should be taken against such a person. According to Dr. Chakravarti ji, he needs rehabilitation but I think it is very less as per his habits. He is not only a threat for the hospital but also for the people outside the hospital.
    Dr lekh raj maranda

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