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*CSIR IHBT Palampur organized a workshop on the basics of laboratory animals in preclinical research*

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CSIR IHBT Palampur organized a workshop on the basics of laboratory animals in preclinical research

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In this workshop, the youth researchers will have the opportunity to acquire the skills required for high-quality research. On this occasion, Dr. Om Prakash Sharma, former Chief ICAR-IVRI, Palampur; gave a keynote address on “An Overview of the Use of Laboratory Animals in Medical Research” Dr. Sudesh Kumar Yadav, Director CSIR-IHBT inaugurated the workshop And welcomed all the people present, the work being done by the institute on the above-mentioned subject. Dr. Yadav also highlighted the importance of laboratory animals in today’s context. He appealed to the participants to make full use of this opportunity to adopt new technologies, Learn, and build an advanced society. Before this, the organizer of the workshop, Dr. Vikram Patial, gave detailed information about the workshop and said that this workshop was organized by “The National Research Foundation”, Department of Science and Technology, India.

It is being sponsored by the government under “Accelerate Science”. In this workshop, various Institutes which include IVRI, NDRI, CSIR, IANS, Central and
M.Sc. and PhD scholars from government universities etc. are participating. Apart from the internal faculty of CSIR-IHBT, academicians and national institutions participated in the workshop. Lectures were given by renowned speakers. On this occasion, M/s Shuddhakrishna Him Products Pvt. Ltd., Panchkula, and M/s Nota Sin Food Technology transfer signed with Products Pvt. Ltd., Delhi. Agreements were also signed with two startups in the field of tissue culture and hydroponics.

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