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पाठकों के लेख एवं विचार*Mom's feeling: an emotional expression of a mother*

*Mom’s feeling: an emotional expression of a mother*

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Sometimes being a mom is hard. Its like learning about strengths you didn’t know you had and dealing with the fears you didn’t know existed .
Its hard to getup everyday and have this little angel rely on you. Its hard to feel like sometimes your world is so small . For This liitle one you are the world. You are their nurture, their comfort , their home.
So Its okay if you fail sometimes as a mom . Its okay if u havn’t taken bath . Its okay if sometimes you yell . Its okay if you havn’t comb your hair from past one day. Its okay to cry out loud . Its okay to be hard sometimes because motherhood is not an easy job.
You get frustated sometimes just because you cannot handle your little one the way you thought . Everyday is not a same day .
The thing which satisfy me is i am not giving up , i am trying hard to make her feel comfortable and happy .
So whenever you feel like a failure just remember bad things happen so do good things.
Pick yourself up and remember this is just a moment in a long journey.
Hats off to all the mommies. You all are amazing and doing a great job ♥️ आयुषी

A young mother’s feelings

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