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*First ever laparoscopic appendicectomy done by Dr Mukesh at CH Palmpur*

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*First ever laparoscopic appendicectomy done by Dr Mukesh at CH Palmpur*

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Sachin Rana age 25 yrs male
s/o Vijay singh Vill nagpuri lamba gaon
Bed no.11 MSW was admitted in the civil hospital Palampur for the treatment of appendix . The patient was serious and the procedure was required   .keeping in view the condition of the patient the team of doctors decided to remove the appendix by laparoscopy,and the  patient was operated successfully on 11 September2023 , now the patient is perfectly okay and has been discharged from the hospital today

It is worth mentioning here that An appendicectomy is an operation to remove the appendix, which is a small, tube-like part of the bowel. It often needs to be performed urgently when someone has an infected and inflamed appendix (appendicitis). It is also known as an appendicectomy. Although there was some challenges before the team of doctors but they accepted it and perform first ever laproscopic appendicectomy in civil hospital Palampur. With the grace of almighty  the operation was done successfully by the team of following doctors

Dr mukesh jamwal
Dr madhav verma
Dr kartik rana
Sh sheelu ota

Dr Meenakshi Gupta medical superintendent of Civil Hospital told that from April onwards 108 Nos lapro operation has been done successfully in this Hospital and with this laparoscopic procedure, the general public of Palampur and its surrounding area will be benefited a lot and they will get latest surgery technique at  their own civil Hospital Palampur.

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